UCP of Maine awarded up to a $70,000 Maine State Innovation Testing Grant: Behavioral Health Information Technology (HIT) Reimbursement Initiative

UCP of Maine is proud to announce the awarding of up to $70,000 Maine State Innovation Testing Model Grant: Behavioral Health Information Technology (HIT) Reimbursement Initiative.  As milestones are achieved, UCP of Maine has the ability to receive up to $70,000 dollars through the initiative to advance electronic medical records and information sharing capabilities as well as initiating staff training and education.

This grant presents an opportunity for UCP of Maine to drive integration of care by including behavioral health data in the statewide Health Information Exchange (HIE).  This will allow licensed mental health providers and facilities to share patient information through the HIE.  According to Sadel Davis, Director of Behavior Health Homes, “Participating in this initiative will help to advance UCP of Maine into the secure information sharing world and utilize this access to better service and treat our clients.”

In order to participate with the HIE, optimization is needed in UCP of Maine’s health information technology capabilities.  This will help UCP of Maine support and strengthen alignments between primary care and public health, behavioral health, and long-term care as well as data across providers.

This award will support the following enhancements in UCP of Maine’s health care infrastructure: public reporting and secure information sharing; quality improvement support, training, and collaborative learning to achieve accountable care; patient training and tools for shared health care decision-making.

UCP of Maine’s children services include: Home and Community Treatment (HCT), Early Childhood Services (Bridges), Rehabilitative and Community Supports (RCS), Outpatient Therapy and a dental program though our Washington County division.  Adult services include Mental Health Outpatient, Adult Residential, TeleHealth and Other Related Conditions (ORC).  For both children and adults we offer Case Management and our Elizabeth Levinson Center (ELC) which is a 14-bed Intermediate Care Facility (ICF-IID).

Established in 1954, UCP of Maine is a private, non-profit organization which is committed to advancing the independence, productivity and full citizenship of people with disabilities who have multiple needs.   UCP of Maine serves children and adults in the Penobscot, Waldo, Piscataquis, Southern Aroostook, Washington and Northeastern Somerset Counties.  For more information please visit www.ucpofmaine.org.

For further information on UCP of Maine, contact Marc Inman, Business Development and Marketing Manager at 941-2952 extension 233.