Who We Are…

A private, 501 (c)3, non-profit organization established in 1954 by a group of concerned citizens who saw a need in the community for greater services and support for people with disabilities.

  • Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors that work closely with staff to establish goals and objectives to make our operations more efficient and broaden our reach in the community.
  • A highly regarded employer of nearly 250 qualified staff members who serve over 1,500 individuals and families across the state each year.
  • A fiscally conscious organization which allocates just 11% of our annual budget to administrative and general expenses.

Our Mission

UCP of Maine affirms its commitment to advancing the independence, productivity

and full citizenship of people with disabilities who have multiple needs.

Our Vision

The following statements were the work of the Board and Employees of UCP of Maine.  This is our vision for the future of UCP of Maine.  Together, we will build the following:

  1. An organization where all programs and services work towards community inclusion.
  2. An organization that acknowledges and provides choices and self-determination in all aspects of life for children, youth and adults.
  3. An organization that will be a leader in helping to build and educate a community that is accepting of, safe for, and respectful toward all people.
  4. An organization that will work with other community resources, families, and consumers to provide high quality services to people with disabilities.
  5. An organization that promotes the knowledge of and use of technology for people with disabilities in daily living, work and recreation.
  6. An organization that helps families and people with disabilities through all of life’s transitions.
  7. An organization that supports its employees/volunteers through ongoing technology, training, and a safe work environment.




  • UCP of Maine is now a Disability Resource Network- providing information, programs, services and support for clients and other members of their community?
  • UCP of Maine serves children and adults with a wide range of disabilities?
  • UCP of Maine serves more than 1500 Maine children and adults with disabilities and their families each year?
  • UCP of Maine offers a variety of services for autism — the fastest growing developmental disability in the country?
  • Thirty-three percent(33%) of all households have a member with a disability?
  • UCP of Maine is affiliated with one of the largest health charities in the United States?
  • UCP is a very financially conscious organization, with 89% of all revenue going directly to supporting children and adults with disabilities?

Telephone and Email:

Local calls: 207.941.2952

Fax: 207.941.2955

E-Mail: office@ucpofmaine.org

Physical and Mailing Address:

700 Mt. Hope Ave., Ste. 320, Bangor, ME 04401

Office Hours:

Monday-Friday 8:00am – 4:30pm

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    1. Consumer Advocacy
    2. Respect for Individuals
    3. Community Oriented
    4. Special Expertise
    5. Teamwork
    6. Quality
    7. Professional