Home and Community Based Child and Family Treatment (HCT)

Home and Community Based Child and Family Treatment (HCT)

Home-based Family Therapy services can be the best solution for families who experience barriers to participating in traditional office based therapy such as unreliable transportation, disabilities, chronic crisis, and child care problems.

Furthermore, sometimes a more intensive service is needed that can offer additional parenting support, real life/real time interventions and an opportunity to hear all perspectives on the problem and directly experience what families sometimes have difficulty describing.  The home based family therapy team works closely with the entire family to develop solutions to reduce symptoms and develop new, healthier and more fulfilling relationships and skills.

Home and Community Based Treatment Services (HCT) is a short term home based family therapy program that addresses mental health and behavioral issues of children 0-21 years old. A master’s level Clinician and bachelor’s level Behavioral Health Professional (BHP) works with the parent, guardian and children to identify strengths, challenges and needs of the children and families.  We work with children struggling with a wide range of emotional and behavioral difficulties that include Autism Spectrum Disorder,  anxiety, depression, aggression, ADHD, or families who are experiencing severe stress related to addictions, trauma, high conflict divorce or loss.

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