Annual Campaign

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Dear Friends,

First, thank you for your ongoing support of UCP of Maine and the individuals we serve. Whether it be financially or volunteering time, your help is critical to the success of our programs and events.

UCP of Maine continues to offer a wide range of services to both children and adults, including case management and mental health Outpatient therapy, along with residential services through homes in the community and our intermediate care facility, the Elizabeth Levinson Center. Additionally, our programs specifically for children, including Behavioral Health Home case management, in-home, and community services through our Rehabilitative and Community Supports and Home and Community Treatment programs, preschool, and early elementary education programs continue to assist our clients in reaching new goals and milestones.

It is no secret that this past year, much like the prior two years, has stretched resources for organizations and individuals to the very edges of their limits, and UCP is not immune to the financial challenges affecting our communities. Worker shortages, high inflation, and supply challenges put a strain on service delivery. Despite these challenges, we have continued to find ways to improve and expand our services. After our initial expansion into the Waterville service area in 2021, we have continued to grow our number of individuals reached and expect that to increase in the future. After a very successful first year offering a K-2 Special Purpose Private School, we applied and received approval to expand the program to K-4 students. Lastly, in our Bridges program, we opened an infant/toddler classroom which we can now serve children ages 10 weeks to 18 months. We are excited about these programs’ growth and see more opportunities on the horizon.

As a supporter of UCP of Maine, you understand the importance of early intervention services, community supports, and long-term care needs for some of our community’s most vulnerable population. By contributing to UCP of Maine financially, you can bring critical services to a population facing daunting challenges each and every day. By utilizing the payment options enclosed, you can not only make a tax-deductible gift but can advance the lives of others in our shared community. For more information please, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.

Scott D. Tash, CEO