Helpful Forms

Staying organized and on top of paperwork is never easy for any caregiver. My Child Without Limits, a program of UCP National, can help you by providing useful forms to organize your child’s care.

All about me: How many times have you told people critical information about your child only to have them forget it as soon as you left? This is the form that can keep it from happening again. Emergency Contact List: When an emergency occurs you never want to have to look in ten places for your child’s information. Keep this form handy for not just emergencies but filling out those medical and benefit forms. Doctors Visit: You know you wanted to ask your child’s doctor something but can’t remember what. Use this form to keep track of that important information. Never miss a step with the follow up and doctor notes section.
All About Sheet (pdf) My Just In Case Sheet (pdf) Doctor Visit Sheet (pdf)
Contact Sheet: Playing phone tag with agencies and insurers is always a pain, but you can make life easier on yourself by taking good notes. Our contact sheets will help you keep track of names, numbers and next steps during every call you make. Medication Form: You can’t afford to make a mistake with your child’s medication. Be sure to keep a strict schedule with our medication form. It will help you track medications, dosages, and immunizations. Extra Expenses: Keep track of expenses as you accrue them so that you’re ready to claim all the deductions you’re entitled to when tax season rolls around.
Contact Sheet (pdf) Medication Listing Sheet (pdf) Extra Expenses (pdf)
Medical Travel Expenses: Did you know that you can deduct the mileage that you accrue driving to your child’s doctor appointments? Track the miles now and thank yourself later..
Medical Travel Expenses (pdf)