UCP of Maine’s Children’s Behavioral Health Home and Case Management Expand to Belfast

UCP of Maine is excited to announce the expansion of its Children’s Behavioral Health Home (BHH) and Case Management programs further into Waldo County, now serving Belfast and surrounding communities. These programs will allow children and families of this region to have improved access to services that address a variety of behavioral, developmental, educational, and medical needs. Jonathan Smith, UCP’s Assistant Director of Case Management and BHH Services, said of the expansion, “This move makes perfect sense for UCP and the families of the Belfast area. BHH grew out of a movement in healthcare calling for greater emphasis on wellness, collaboration, and cooperation. Any time spent in and around Belfast makes it very clear these same principles are driving forces in the region.”

UCP of Maine’s BHH program is a newer model of case management designed to help providers and families see physical and mental health as an integrated need and to empower children and families to take charge of their healthcare. Our BHH team includes case managers, a family support specialist, two clinical team leaders, a nurse care manager, and medical and psychiatric consultants. Our case managers work closely with children, their families, primary care providers, and all treatment providers to identify and address a range of needs. BHH thrives on a team approach to care and seeks to honor and develop the whole person, both mentally and physically. For children who are not eligible for BHH, or who do not want to enroll in BHH, UCP of Maine also offers Children’s Case Management. In this program, our case managers link children and families to various community resources and help them access educational, medical and psychological services so they can meet their needs and achieve their goals.