Acceptable Driver Policy

Accounts Payable

Accounts Recievable Policy

Adult Case Management Staffing Plan Policy

Annual PCP Training Policy

Assisting in the Financial Interests of Individuals Served

Attendance and Punctuality Policy

Background Checks Badge Policy

BHH Comprehensive Consumer Family Directed Care Planning

BHH Enhanced Access Policy

BHH Health Promotional Services

BHH Individual and Family Support Services

BHH Medical Consultant Policy

BHH Notification Follow-up Care and Transitional Care Services

BHH Scanning for Gaps in Care Policy

BHH Staffing Lapse Policy

Board Conflict Free Membership Policy

Bridges K-2 Policy Manual

Cancellation and Discharge Policy for CCM BHH

CCM and BHH Staff Training and Development Policy

Choice of Provider Policy

Choice of Who Provides Direct Supports

Client Balance Policy

Client Incident Accident Policy

Client Records Policy

Client Right to Second Opinion Policy

Client Rights Compliance Client Transportation Policy

Commitment to Reduce Wasteful Spending of Healthcare Resources

Communicable Disease Policy Communication Accommodations for Clients


Conflict of Interest

Continuity of Care Policy & Procedure

Co-Occuring Disorder Service Approach

Credit Card Policy

Definition of Capital Equipment

Department of Health and Human Services Notification Policy

Developmental Services Grievance Policy

Discharge Policy and Procedure

Document Retention and Destruction Policy

Drug Free Workplace Policy

Earned Paid Leave and Earned Time Benefit Program

ELC Abuse Negelect Mistreatment Policy

ELC Cost of Living Acknowledgement

ELC FY 2021 Policy Manual

ELC Policy Manual Table of Contents

Emergency Intakes Admissions

Emergency Management Plan for Case Management Services

Employee Expense Reimbursements

Employee Recognition

Environment and Safety Policy

Fee Schedules

Inclusion of BHH Clients Families for Improving Services

Information Security Policy

Information Technology Data Back-Up and Retention

Informed Consent Policy

Integrating with Primary Care

Internal Control Over Blank Check Stock

Investment Policy

Job Description Development Policy

Maine DHHS Value-Based Purchasing Managment System

Non-Employed Staff Policy

Oversight of Client Funds

Pay Increase Effective Date

PCP Identifcation for BHH Policy

Person Centered Plan Policy and Procedure

Personnel Policy Manual July 2021

Plan of Care and Assessments

Policy on Policies

Program Accessibility

Providing Services to Employee Family Household Members

Purchasing of Goods Services

Quality Assurance Policy

Records of Completion of Orientation and Training Policy

Referral and Sign-on Bonus Policy

Referral, Screening, Eligibility and Wait List Policy and Procedure

Reporting of Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation or Suspected Abuse, Neglect, or Exploitation

Residential Annual PCP Planning Survey

Restraint & Seclusion Policy

Stakeholder Input Policy

Standards for Upkeep of Facilities

Summary of Client Rights for ACM Clients Policy

Supervision of Direct Care Staff

Supporting Waiver Home Residents in Non-Disability Settings

Telecommuting Policy

Telehealth Policy

Trauma Informed Care Awareness

Travel Pay

Unclaimed Property

Waiver Home Program Transportation Policy

Waiver Homes Access to Food Policy

Waiver Homes Admission Policy

Waiver Homes Basic House Rules Policy

Waiver Homes Employee Training Policy

Waiver Homes Person Centered Choice Policy

Waiver Homes Policy for Rectifying Accessibility Issues

Waiver Homes Privacy Policy (2)

Waiver Homes Privacy Policy

Waiver Homes Property Inspection Policy

Waiver Homes Support of Employment First Policy

Waiver Homes Transportation Policy

Waiver Homes Visitation Policy

Weapons and Firearms Policy

Workplace Violence Policy